Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh, and by the Way: On the Ports Deal? That Was over 20 Ports -- Not Just Six Ports! Okay?

Oh, and by the Way: On the Ports Deal?  That Was over 20 Ports -- Not Just Six Ports!  Okay?

The sleazy, sneaky, gutless way in which the Bush Administration has tried to bring the UAE Ports Deal to fruition makes many resolutely opposed to it when they might have otherwise at least been open to listening to the arguments for it.

Among the little “freebies” we opponents of the deal have received from this increasingly out-of-touch Administration is to have been insulted as bigots and or racists.  

Not only is that argument absurd on several levels, it is irrelevant.  Even if I hate Arabs (and I do not) and I think it is a good deal for our country, I will go for it.  On the other hand, even if my mother were an Arab (and she is not!), I would oppose this deal (as I do) if I believed it compromised our nation’s security both militarily and economically (which I do).

Now, here is another “bonus” insult from the Administration on the Port Gate deal:  It will actually involve over TWENTY (and not merely SIX, as originally announced) ports.

WorldNetDaily says 22 ports in all.

LGF links to a UPI piece that says it will be 21 ports in all.

If we didn’t have a country half full of enemies within and a world full of enemies without, I would seriously be considering calling for the President’s impeachment now (but I am not).


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