Saturday, August 13, 2005

President George W. Bush's "Neville Chamberlain" Moment

aaron of aaron's cc: has a devastating -- and devastatingly humorous post on his Web site.

President Bush, recently woke up from his five-week Crawford Ranch siesta to mumble to the press that Israel's imminent planned pullout from Gaza will be, and I quote, "good for Israel." (Hat Tip: aaron's cc:.)

Yes, indeed, Mr. President: Asking our staunchest ally in the Middle East to withdraw from land that GOD GAVE THEM (See Genesis 12:1-3, among numerous other Old Testament passages.)

What is worse, President Bush is allowing a terrorist-run entity (the Palestine Authority) to have this gift in return for . . . . That's right nothing (nothing, that is other than BROKEN promises to do this, that, or the other).

Well, I will call this Bush's "Neville Chamberlain" moment. (Okay: So I WAS influenced by aaron's cc: to come to that conclusion.) To read Chamberlain's infamous six-sentence speech to the English people after on September 30, 1938, after having just returned from Munich, where he had met with Hitler and had agreed to appease him, click here.

ush is obviously trying to "appease" the Islamofascists at Israel's expense. It didn't work for the British with Hitler and it will not work for us the Islamofascists.

Fortunately for England, they had a man name Winston Churchill who understood what was happening and stood up and led his people against Hitler for many dark years.

Who is our Churchill today? George W. Bush is clearly our Neville Chamberlain.

Remember, this is the same George Bush who HELD HANDS with the Saudi leader DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!

I live in Texas, and -- generally -- we just don't trust men who hold hands with other men here.


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