Saturday, August 13, 2005

More on the BIG STORY That (Almost) No One in Washington or the MSM Wants You to Notice

As mentioned in a previous post on this site, Congressman Weldon (R-PA) has opened a MAJOR can of worms by discovering and UNcovering the fact that an Army Intelligence team known as Able Danger had discovered 9-11 Terror Commander Muhammad Atta's existence and activities in an al-Qaeda cell in NYC BEFORE the attacks occurred, and yet were DELIBERATELY PREVENTED from moving against Atta and his Al-Qaeda-cell-mates by the China-loving, Castro-loving, Islamofascist-loving Clinton Administration.

What is more, the vaunted 9-11 Commission was NEVER EVEN TOLD about the Able Danger team and what it found or how they were stymied by higher-ups in the Clinton Administration.

Well, now the former Clinton Administration types are massaging the media to put out a spin on this inexcusable development that is more favorable to Clinton and team, and the increasingly "moderate-to-left" Fox News obligingly runs an AP story for them on their Web site.

However, neither Weldon, nor Rush Limbaugh are buying the spin: The Clinton Administration messed up. People died. This was all covered up by the 9-11 Commission.

As Michael Savage says on his radio show: People need to be prosecuted; people need to be imprisoned; and people need to be sued by the families of the 9-11 victims.


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