Saturday, August 13, 2005

Respected Old Line Conservative Nails the GOP for Promoting Illegal Immigration

Finally, an OLD LINE, well-respected conservative has come out of the shadows and NAILED the Republican Party (and, by implication, the President) as being GUILTY AS SIN for promoting (by opposing any meaningful solutions to) the PLAGUE of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION that is RUINING our country!

Here is the way it works: The Government DELIBERATELY turns a BLIND eye to the WAVES of illegal immigrants crossing our borders DAILY. Rapacious employers greedily hire the desperate illegals and pay them bottom-run wages, thereby increasing their companies' profit margins and fattening their own paychecks.

And, here you thought that George W. Bush didn't get it about illegal immigration! He not only GETS it, he is the enabler-in-chief for the Corporate Fat Cats who depend on illegal immigration to keep their profits up.


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