Thursday, June 23, 2005

Senator Chuck Hagel, the alleged "Republican" Senator from the solidly Red State of Nebraska, has done his part to support undermine the war effort by singlehandedly declaring that we are "losing" the war in Iraq.

As Hugh Hewitt (I think it was) has remarked of the Democrats (in connection with the recent Dick Durbin caper): "political advantage trumps supporting our troops." With these remarks to a US News and World Report, Hagel has shown that he subscribes to the same despicable ethic.

In other words, Hagel -- who reportedly harbors Presidential (bada-bing, bada-boom) ambitions -- obviously feels that (having wetted his finger and put it in the wind) he is catching a big wave of popular antiwar sentiment and hopes to ride it to prominent success. (Strains of "Wipe Out!" playing in the background.)

Words cannot describe the contempt I feel for this opportunist -- who should know better, having served in VietNam as an enlisted Army Infantry troop in 1968 -- for publicly saying things that can only ENCOURAGE the enemy and DISCOURAGE our troops in harm's way!

However, I do look forward to Hagel's future foray into Presidential politics: If he runs in a primary in Texas, he can expect to have his ass handed to him.


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