Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Now the Pentagon has "piled on" with more scurrilous charges that an atmosphere of "intolerance" exists at the AF Academy. Folks, what this amounts to is that the folks who run the Pentagon think more like the jihadists than like our Founding Fathers did.

They find outspoken Evangelical Christians to be intolerable, so they try to tar these same Evangelicals with the "intolerant" brush.

The fact is: There ARE problems at the AF Academy with sexual harrassment -- but the fact that there are a lot of Christian cadets, faculty, and AOCs is simply NOT a problem.

I mean, let's face it, do you think it is the Evangelicals who are doing most of the sexual harrassing? I highly doubt it.

Instead of TARGETING these Evangelicals, the AF should be thrilled to have them.

If there were suddenly an influx of Muslim, Buddhist, and Wiccan cadets, I suspect that the geniuses in the Pentagon would be THRILLED!

This buck eventually stops at the desks of the AF Chief of Staff, General Jumper (don't look for any sound moral leadership there); the Secretary of the AF (clearly a spineless specimen); the Secretary of Defense (Mr. BeanCounter himself); and our AWOL President, who apparently sits in his office talking to Karl Rove about Social Security while Syria pours men and terrorists into Iraq to kill our boys and while Mexican organized crime takes over our Southern border and makes it their own little drug- and human-smuggling playground.

Yes, folks. The real problem with our military and with America today is that we have TOO MANY OUTSPOKEN EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS at the Air Force Academy!


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