Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Air Force Academy pogrom against Evangelical Protestants continues. Spineless Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. John Rosa -- who has said he has a "problem" with "intolerance" on his staff and in his student body, actually offered a special position to liberal female whiner chaplain Capt Melinda Morton, who has her panties all in a wad because not all Protestant Christians at the Academy are liberal like she is.

For Morton -- whose anti-Evangelical slanders have been eagerly picked up by the New York Times -- to RESIGN AFTER being OFFERED a SPECIAL POSITION by the USAFA Superintendent is so sickening. First, no other junior officer in the Air Force is going to be offered a SPECIAL POSITION after RUNNING to the NYT to COMPLAIN about how bad his/her own organization is. For Rosa to offer her a position shows that he is nothing but an inverterbrate political animal.

Rosa is despicable because he DOES have a REAL problem with sexual harrassment of female cadets by male cadets, but he is taking the old "bait and switch" path and trying to divert attention from his REAL problems and use the time-old technique of targeting Jews or Christians -- in this case Evangelical Christians.

Another loser in this mess is the ADL -- the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League, as they really very often do a disservice to the Jewish people of America by calling "Wolf! Wolf!" as in this case at the Air Force Academy. There is no anti-Jewish anything going on at the Air Force Academy.

In all this, the Air Force Chief of Chaplains, who is an Air Force Academy chaplain -- as well as a former AF flyer -- is being ignored and dissed by not being allowed to "run his own shop."

Not only that, but Gen Rosa has besmirched the reputation of his own commandant, BrigGen Weida, an outstanding Evangelical Christian gentleman and officer, for not hiding his faith.

The AF Academy makes a big deal about providing worship facilities for Muslims, Buddhists, and Wiccans -- but then clamps down on Evangelicals for being enthusiastic about their own beliefs.


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