Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In my opinion, President Bush is living in a dream world -- he does next to nothing about illegal immigration, next to nothing about Syria's support of the machine that kills our soldiers daily, next to nothing about the continuing violence at the hands of Palestinian thugs, next to nothing about Sudan's continued depradations in the Darfur region of the Sudan, next to nothing about Christian persecution at the hands of the Saudis, the Nigerians, the VietNamese and others.

Don't get me wrong -- I'd rather W. do nothing than initiate more social programs, as a Democrat would. However, since he started this war (which I support) in Iraq, it is only right that he finish it, even if that means crossing the borders into Syria and Iran (if not by foot soldiers, then by bomb-laden aircraft or cruise missiles).

Also, let me make it clear: I detest the likes of Chuck Hagel, who is an alleged Republican who passes up no opportunity to criticize the war in Iraq. They say that Hagel harbors Presidential ambitions. I say, "come on down to Texas for a primary, Chuck, so you can see how it feels to get your ass kicked from one end of the Lone Star state to the other!"

Hagel is antiwar. I am all for the war -- but not the one-hand-tied-behind-our-backs kind of war that BUSH has allowed it to become -- and why? He is never going to run for re-election. Why is he cowering before the likes of Kennedy, Leahy, and Durbin.

We used to say, "Let Reagan be Reagan." Why can't W be W, for crying out loud?


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