Friday, June 17, 2005

More on the Durbin thing. The New Media is absolutely BUZZING about the risible comments the Senate's Number Two Ranking member made on the floor comparing our servicemen to the likes of the ghouls who ran the death camps for Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Of course, on one (rather detached) level, it is laughable, as the analogy has all the depth and weight of a third-grade-level school-boy essay. On another (political) level, it is a gift to the Republicans. However, on a third -- and FAR MORE SERIOUS (international) -- level, Durbin's remarks are egregious for the degree to which they give encouragement to our nation's enemies and to which they stumble our nation's military members who are laboring in harm's way. Durbin, like so many others in our country today, seem to have no adult-level grasp of the significance of what it means to BE AT WAR with enemies who WISH TO DESTROY US. Does Durbin think that, because of his remarks, an Islamic "throat-slitter" (hat tip: Michael Savage) would possibly spare him, given the chance to fillet his gullet with a dull knife?

Michelle Malkin has some great links out there, including some to sites showing pics of what the "real" bad guys (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot) and their henchmen did.

Hugh Hewitthas, in a sense, assumed the role of "national narrator" for the good guys in this political firefight. Follow his posts to get the overall flow of the national give and take. The Political Teen has a great quote from VP Cheney on the low level of Durbin's Senate floor musings, as well as a link to the audio of Newt Gingrich's strong reaction to Durbin on Sean Hannity.


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