Thursday, June 16, 2005

I take the title of this post from the term "maiden voyage," as used of a ship's first actual mission into the deep, or something along those lines. I realize there are 1,000,001 blogs out there, so it isn't really like this one is "needed." However, I find myself wanting to oppose this countries enemies -- both foreign and domestic -- and, since my "gun is jammed" (figuratively speaking, anyway), I will have to resort to the "pen" (read: Internet) which is "mightier than the sword" (and certainly mightier than a jammed gun). I figure this blog may even lengthen my life somewhat, as I will, perhaps, grind my teeth less and develop ulcers more slowly, if I have this blog as an outlet to "voice" my concerns.

I thought of other names for this blog, but "JammedGun" seemed as good as any. I hope to post on subjects various and sundry, both domestic and international.

A little about myself: Middle aged white male. Married. Christian. (I believe the Bible is the Word of God). Served for over 10 years in the USAF. Son currently serving in the US Army. Live in the Great State of Texas. Because I am a lowly employee and not self-employed, it seemed best to keep myself anonymous, lest needlessly I offend my employers or my fellow employees.

A little more about me: I am interested in matters historical, military, political, theological, and -- to a certain degree -- technical (about computers). I am pretty clueless about economics and investing. (Otherwise, I would not be an employee, right?) I am also interested in world affairs and US foreign policy, as well as the English language, grammar, and matters linguistic. However, I am not a recognized authority on any of the areas mentioned above.

I love to listen to Michael Savage (imho, talk radio's undisputed butt-kicker-in-chief) and local San Antonio broadcaster Carl Wiglesworth on the radio. I also enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Prager, but I just LOVE listening to Walter Williams when he hosts Rush's show for him. I really enjoy reading Joseph Farah and Vox Day in WorldNetDaily. Drudge is my number one news source. I have only recently begun reading blogs in earnest. There are too many to name, but among current my favorites are Hugh Hewitt, LittleGreenFootballs, MichaelYon, and Michelle Malkin.

I have many concerns about the current state of affairs in this great country. To be blunt, I believe, as Michael Savage asserts, that we are most threatened by the "enemy within," to include the Mainstream Media (MSM), the secular educational establishment (at every level), the Hollywood cabal, the Democratic Party (exhibits A, B, C, and D being Senators Durbin, Kennedy, Leahy, and Boxer), the overt Christian-haters (e.g., the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State), the militant "gay" movement (MGM), domestic Islamist-sympathizers (such as CAIR and Amnesty International), militant pro-illegal immigration types (e.g., MeCha and the Aztlan crowd, to say nothing of the big business types who thrive by exploiting the cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants), and, of course, the RINO wing of the Republican Party (Exhibits A and B being such troublemakers as Senator Spector and Senator Hagel). I don't think that the thriving porno industry is a source of national "pride," either.

Particular peeves of mine are people who apparently care more about the terrorist prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo than they do about our troops on the front line, the Bush Administration's total apathy toward our broken borders (during our alleged "War on Terror"), the Bush Administration's love for the thugs of the Palestinian Authority (and obvious disdain for Israel), and the ubiquitous feminization of the US military -- to include co-ed barracks/dormitories, as well as women in the military academies and in combat units (to include combat aircraft). I also passionately dislike Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzalez, as symbolic of all that is wrong with the Bush Administration. (And, if it turns out that Condi Rice is behind Bush's recent despicable double-crossing of Israel, she is on my bad list, as well!)

I realize that no two people will ever agree on everything.

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