Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The (Islamist) Elephant in the Room: Or, Is AP Writer David Rising Clinically Insane?

Radio talk-show host Michael Savage, the author of a book entitled, Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder, often reiterates that position on the air -- and often in connection with the liberal inability to call a spade a spade when it comes to the Islamofascist War against the West (better: the Islamofascist War against Everybody Else!).

Exhibit "A" today of this mental disorder on display is an AP piece by AP writer by David Rising (et al) on the recent bombing attempts in Great Britain that were plotted out by several doctors.

The point of the article is to show that this was a diverse group (from different countries) united by a common desire (to wreak havoc in Great Britain).

NOT ONCE in the article is the elephant -- the thing that TRULY united these terrorists -- in the room even mentioned: Islam. Nor is Islamic terrorism mentioned. Nor is the word Muslim mentioned.

Mr. Rising, Sir, as a reporter, you are dishonest and gutless and I despise you mightily.


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