Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bush Scamnesty Post-Mortem

John Podhoretz -- who actually AGREES with President Bush on scamnesty -- nevertheless sees the recently-defeated "Grand Compromise" as having been fatally flawed.

Moreover, Podhoretz, a Bush supporter, sees the President as a more-or-less mortally-wounded political duck.

Not a pretty picture, to be honest.

I do, at some level, feel real pity for the President, who -- for whatever reason has -- since his reelection -- chosen (in the manner of so many Old Testament kings) to surround himself with foolish advisors and to freeze out wise ones in so many areas, but -- most critically -- in two areas in particular: how to deal with the Islamofascist threat and how to deal with our broken borders.

President Bush had the opportunity for greatness handed to him on a golden platter -- and he (sadly) seems to have declined.

The President needs our prayers for his final 18 months in office. It is not too late to turn some of this around -- provided he stops listening to Condi Rice and James Baker.


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