Monday, January 15, 2007

McCain Needs to Get a Clue – But So Does Dobson

McCain Needs to Get a Clue – But So Does Dobson

McCain – as much as I love and respect him for his consistently fearless, gutsy approach to the ongoing Global War against Islamofascists and their Enablers – has a terrific knack for getting his name of positively Constitutionally caustic legislation.  The best example of this is his co-sponsorship of the campaign finance reform bill passed (and, ludicrously, signed) during President Bush’s first term.

Now, McCain is at it again, getting his name on legislation that will further handcuff free political expression by Christian groups.

James Dobson has properly called McCain’s hand on this, but – unlike Jerry Falwell, who has shown a willingness to consider supporting McCain – I think Dobson has unwisely burnt his bridges with McCain regarding his all-but-announced candidacy.  

As an evangelical Christian myself, I do not take my marching orders from EITHER Falwell or Dobson, but – between the two – I will go with Falwell’s approach to McCain’s before I go with Dobson’s.

Sounds like Dobson is setting himself up for a fall, although I could be wrong, of course.


Important Update:  McCain (wisely) wants to talk to Dobson to patch things up.  My advise to Dr. Dobson: Do it!  McCain is the man in 2008.  Don’t burn your bridges.


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