Monday, January 15, 2007

US, Mexico, Canada Synching up Their 'Policies' (Shhhhh! Nobody Tell Michael Medved!)

US, Mexico, Canada Synching up Their 'Policies' (Shhhhh!  Nobody Tell Michael Medved!)

As WND has been hitting hard, the Governments of Canada, Mexico, and the US seem obsessed with paving the way for a “North American Union,” which – as far as I know, is neither provided for in the Constitution nor authorized by Congress.  (Oh, and the American people – or the Mexican people or the Canadian people – have not voted on it, either!

But, shhhhhhhhh!  No one tell radio talk-show host Michael Medved, who says anyone who fears some sinister effort at unifying the three countries in a less-than-above-board manner is simply paranoid!


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