Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling the Wrath of the Grassroots: Cojones-Challenged Bush Suddenly Begins to Get a Clue about Border-Patrol-Agents Travesty of Justice

Feeling the Wrath of the Grassroots:  Cojones-Challenged Bush Suddenly Begins to Get a Clue about Border-Patrol-Agents Travesty of Justice

Funny.  President Bush – to say nothing of his repulsive White House spokesman, Tony Snow – until now deaf to all please for pardons for two absurdly railroaded former Border Patrol Agents – is now apparently alive to the fact that pardons might indeed be appropriately considered in this case.

Why the change in the White House’s position?  Because of a grassfire among the grassroots – of RAGE that such a thing could be done.

Keep in mind that, while one drug dealer was slightly wounded by the two agents, he was shot trying to enter this country illegally – with a load of illegal drugs in his vehicle.

So, who gets immunity?  And who gets prosecuted?  And who is in prison now?  That’s right Agents Ramos and Compean, while the scumbag drug smuggler was brought back from Mexico and given immunity in the case.

That’ right!  The drug smuggler goes free – and the agents who attempted to apprehend him are now in prison.

….  And President Bush is only NOW beginning to wake up to the possible inequity of the situation.

On his talk-radio show yesterday, host Michael Savage was ON FIRE regarding this issue.  He called the President an “invertebrate,” if memory serves and Tony Snow even worse.

Savage had Congressman Duncan Hunter on his show.  Hunter is introducing a legislative measure to pardon the two agents and he is being inundated by requests from other Congressmen to co-sponsor the bill.  

Oh, and the prosecutor in the case, has spoken out in defense of the absurdly high sentences meted out to the two agents.  I am sorry:  I am not buying it for a minute, Mr. Sutton!

I say that this prosecutor needs to be investigated for his VERY CURIOUS handling of the case.

And, President Bush needs to be questioned as to his strange political tone-deafness on this issue.


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