Monday, July 23, 2007

"General Patton" Back from the Dead to Make the Speech the American President is Not Willing (or Able?) to Make

Like talk-show host Michael Savage, I have lost patience with the current Oval Office occupant's seeming inability or unwillingness to use the Bully Pulpit that IS the White House to galvanize support for the War in Iraq.

Could it be because George W. Bush doesn't really believe in the war effort himself in his heart of hearts?

Well, in this remarkably edited video, the American troops get the pep talk they need and deserve.

As Michael Savage says: There is a vaccuum at the top -- and he doesn't just mean the White House, either -- Congress, the Cabinet, and our current military leaders are also included in that remark.

HT: TownHall poster wes on hughhewitt's site.


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