Thursday, June 21, 2007

Michael Yon: True Soldier's Reporter -- on Doings in Baqubah

The US Army -- after four years of dithering under weak civilian and military leadership -- actually appears to be starting to MOVE against the enemy in Iraq. Surprise! Surprise!

Michael Yon -- former Special Forces soldier and now self-financed reporter -- is right up front with the troops. (HT: rcp.)

And bad guys are getting killed. (That's right, I said "bad," as in ... evil. I am talking about terrorists -- you know, like the ones that the ACLU loves to defend in court.)

What a shame our President waited so long to get serious about killing the enemy (who has LONG been SERIOUS about killing our troops) -- but, after all, he has had more IMPORTANT business to attend to -- like taking care of his true constituencies (Big Business and the country of Mexico).

Nonetheless, I must give President Bush high marks for not GIVING UP in Iraq (like the twin twits, Pelosi and Reid take pains at virtually every opportunity to make clear they have already done).

Our military has not yet begun to fight in Iraq: I just hope that FAGGOTS like Pretty Boy John Edwards don't succeed in stopping that fight (as Edwards clearly plans to do if elected).

Update: The Washington Times Editorial Staff has another (similar) excellent piece along the same lines. (Kudos to the Times for showing antiwar comedian(sic) Jon Stewart for the low-life prick he really is.)


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