Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Michael Savage Stands Alone among Major Radio Talkers in His Defense of Chessani, Haditha Marines

No doubt about it: Michael Savage stands alone among major talk radio hosts (Yes, Limbaugh, Hewitt, Medved, etc -- this means you!) in making both a spirited and a principled stand against the railroading of LtCol Chessani and the rest of the Haditha Marines.

Who is railroading them, you ask? Why the US Marine Corps, backed by the entire Pentagon.

Why are other major talk show hosts silent? Why are retired generals silent? Why are members of Congress silent? Why is our Command-in-Chief silent?

Savage has put his money where his mouth is: He has given generously to the Thomas More Law Center, which is defending LtCol Chessani.

He likens the out-of-control military prosecutors going after Chessani to Nifong.

Savage plans to help get Chessani off and then encourage his lawyers to go after Tim McGirk, Time Magazine, and the Nifongs-in-uniform prosecuting this travesty.

Go, Savage, go!

Hang in there, LtCol Chessani! You are the best!


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